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What is

Pulse is a dynamic music app platform designed to redefine the way users interact with music.

Pulse goes beyond the conventional boundaries of a music streaming service by offering an immersive and personalized musical experience tailored to each user's unique preferences and moods.

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Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects

  • Challenge

    •Developing a logo and visual elements that stand out in a saturated market while still effectively communicating the brand's values and identity

  • Solution

    •Incorporated elements that symbolize adventure, exploration, and the outdoors, like mountains, and abstract geometric shapes evoking movement and discovery.


Sketching of logos
pulse-licorice-colorway pulse-wizteria-colorway pulse-honeydew-colorway -pulse-vertical-logo pulse-second-vertical-logo pulse-horizontal-logo -pulse-second-horizontal-logo pulse-family-font pulse-second-family-font pulse-mobile-design pulse-design-of-brent-fiayaz
Image of phone animated-color-pallete


pulse-mobile-mockup pulse-mobile-mockup-2 pulse-billboard-mockup pulse-guitarband thank-you-image